UALA Board of Directors Nominees


Bobby Ginn

Covington Senior Living - Lehi

Executive Director

I have been an Executive Director of skilled nursing and assisted living over the last 12 years and enjoy being part of the solution to providing great senior care. Helping seniors live their best life, making them smile and providing the best environment possible is what I enjoy the most. The last 3 and a half years has been great working on the UALA board and I would like to continue this service so I can help the industry here in Utah grow and fulfill the need of quality care. I feel that there is more work for me to do on this board and would love to continue helping solve issues that arise while brainstorming with other board members to continue the great service UALA provides to the communities here in the state. I am thrilled to be the current Chair of the UALA Legislation Committee and would like to continue moving forward working with Utah Legislatures to provide more money and support to our New Choices Waiver program

Brad Skinner

Executive Director

Escalante at Coventry

I am back in the industry after a decade hiatus in another industry.  I previously served on the board in 2005-2006 and would love to serve again.

Coy Huskinson

VP Operations

Stellar Senior Living

I love Serving our Seniors. I love being able to use my understanding of rules and regulations to help develop individuals to help keep our industry growing with employees who are willing to join our field. 

Dave Clarke


Covington Senior Living/Banyan Consulting

I have had the privilege to  serve on the wall aboard for the last three years. I would love to continue to offer my voice to help support all those who serve in this special industry.  I'm committed to furthering the cause of providing the best quality care for our residents and to support our members in not only become successful caregivers and leaders but successful operators and  businesses as they continue to navigate these unique and challenging times.

Emily Howarth

Valencia at Willow Creek

Executive Director

I have worked in the senior living community for over 11 years. I have worked in communities from independent to memory care. I have a passion for dementia care and feel if we can change how we care for the residents in our memory cares we can change the world of senior living. I am a certified dementia practitioner. 

Erick Lorenzana

Ovation Sienna Hills/ Arete Senior Living

Campus General Manager

I would like to serve on the board of UALA for multiple reasons. First, I want to help assisted living communities throughout Utah better understand the regulations set forth by the state to help them operate safe and effective communities. Second, I want to be an advocate for senior living communities in terms of how to best receive support from Utah Dept of Health and Human Services and state legislatures. Third, I want to continue gaining more knowledge so I can be a better leader for our employees/company and also a stronger advocate for our resident's rights. 

Greg Atwood

VP of Clinical Operations

Avista Senior Living

Currently serve on the board and I am requesting another term

Jason Giatras

Wasatch Senior Living


Board experience past 1 1/2 years.  25 years experience in Senior Care.  I have a great I understanding of operations in the senior care industry.

Vast experience in training and maintaining and recruiting staff. 

Love to serve the AL/MC industry and promote UALA goals and objectives. 

Jennifer Kay

Country Pines Retirement


I have a strong passion for the elderly population and have been in healthcare since 2009 holding many positions. I strive to learn and bring new ideas to my building to build it up and make it better 

Kayden Grenko

Eldercare Management Group

Regional Director of Operations

I am writing to nominate Kayden Grenko for a position on the Board of Directors for the Utah Assisted Living Association. Having had the privilege of working closely with Kayden Grenko over the past 2 years, I am confident that his dedication, expertise, and passion for the well-being of seniors make him an excellent candidate for this important role.

Kayden has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the principles of quality care and support for seniors in our community. His extensive experience as an executive director and long-term care consultant has equipped him with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing assisted living communities in Utah. He is frequently found discussing creating a better environment for senior living by leveraging technology and innovation. Moreover, his proactive approach to problem-solving and strategic thinking will contribute significantly to the Association's mission of enhancing the lives of seniors through advocacy and collaboration.

As a Regional Director of Operations for Eldercare Management Group, he has consistently shown leadership qualities, working collaboratively with diverse teams to achieve common goals. His strong communication skills, coupled with his ability to listen and understand different perspectives, make him an effective advocate for the needs of both residents and caregivers. 

Kayden's passion for community service and advocacy aligns seamlessly with the goals of the Utah Assisted Living Association. He has actively participated in humanitarian services leading expeditions to help underserved individuals in South America. His dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment is commendable.

I am confident that Kayden's unique blend of skills, experience, and compassion will make a positive impact on the Board and contribute to the ongoing success of the Utah Assisted Living Association. I wholeheartedly endorse his nomination and encourage you to consider his candidacy.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

I am writing to express my enthusiastic self-nomination for a board member position within the Utah Assisted Living Association. With a deep-rooted passion for improving the lives of seniors and a wealth of experience in the industry, I am eager to contribute my skills, insights, and dedication to the vital work of your esteemed organization.

Throughout my career, I have been driven by a relentless commitment to finding innovative solutions that alleviate the burdens faced by those working in the assisted living industry. I firmly believe that by harnessing the power of technological advances, we can not only streamline processes but also enhance policy and procedure development, ultimately leading to improved outcomes for both residents and staff members.

My approach to problem-solving revolves around leveraging technology to create more efficient and effective workflows. Whether it's implementing state-of-the-art software systems to automate administrative tasks or utilizing data analytics to identify areas for improvement, I am dedicated to finding practical solutions that lighten the load of those on the front lines of care.

Moreover, I am a passionate advocate of common sense policy and regulations. Intend to use my voice on the board to inform and shape better policy and procedure within the assisted living sector. By staying abreast of the latest innovations and best practices, I am committed to driving positive change at both the organizational and regulatory levels. Whether it's advocating for the adoption of new technologies or collaborating with industry stakeholders to develop evidence-based guidelines, I am eager to play a proactive role in shaping the future of assisted living in our state.

If granted the opportunity to serve on the board, I am fully committed to leveraging my expertise for the  development and advancement of the mission and objectives of the Utah Assisted Living Association. I am particularly excited about the prospect of collaborating with fellow board members to explore innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of our aging population, solving the new choice waiver problems, and empowering those working in the industry to deliver the highest standard of care.

In closing, I am honored to nominate myself for consideration as a board member of the Utah Assisted Living Association. I am confident that my dedication, expertise, and vision align closely with the goals and values of your organization, and I am excited about the prospect of contributing to its continued success and impact.

Thank you for considering my nomination. 

Klint Burningham

The Ridge Senior Living

Executive Director

I would like to nominate Klint Burningham, Executive Director at The Ridge Cottonwood Senior Living. He has lots of great experience and unique ideas to share. He has a positive, can-do attitude and leads his team with passion and care. 

Mark Mun

Cottonwood Creek Senior Living

Executive Director

I have been in senior living for the past 5 years and love how UALA is so involved with helping to get the word out on issues that affect our business. I believe that the only way to make a difference is to put yourself in the mix and being a part of the board would allow me to do just that. I want to assist and help in anyway that I can to make senior living better for all of the current and potential residents. Although 5 years doesn't seem as long as some I believe I've grown and feel that I can contribute. As the Executive Director here at Cottonwood Creek I have gained valuable experience from listening, directing and being patient with everyone who comes to speak with me so that I don't make rash decisions. I've learned how to be both empathetic and sympathetic towards all those in our business. I've learned that with issues it's best to come with solutions so as not to be part of the problem. I have loved working in senior living and feel any more that I can do to help is in mine and my staffs best interest. I would work hard to make sure I did my best if selected to the board.

Matthew Schellenberg

Avista Senior Living


Physician who can provide clinical expertise in the assisted living industry. 15 years experience working with the senior population in assisted living and memory care setting.  Dr. Schellenberg is willing to commit to the required volunteer hours needed to serve on the UALA board and to provide valuable insight on ways to assist our industry clinically moving forward.  

Rachel Eborn

Heber Valley Assisted Living


I am very new to the UALA Scene, and as an Administrator. I was granted a variance to work at Heber Valley Assisted Living and think serving on the board would fast track my education, growth, and development in the industry. My qualifications are somewhat limited however, I have worked in senior living for more than five years as a Caregiver, Med Tech, and Facility Scheduler. 

Rachel Jones

Wasatch Senior Living


Rachel has been a valuable member of our board, contributing her expertise and passion to our organization, particularly in the field of education and professional development. I am confident that Rachel will continue to bring the same level of dedication, insight, and passion to her role if reappointed. Her contributions have been instrumental in our past successes, and I am certain that she will play a key role in shaping the future of UALA.

Scott Ambrose

Pinnacle Senior Living

Market Leader

I started my career in the senior living industry in 2006, following the completion of my MPA degree.  I quickly learned to love this industry after seeing the way we can improve the quality of life for both our residents and teams.

I am grateful for a career path that has given me the privilege of working alongside and gaining insights from pioneers and leaders within the senior living industry. My involvement with the Utah Assisted Living Association (UALA) began in 2016, where I was quickly able to witness the impact and influence our collective efforts could create, especially in collaboration with state officials and as we sought to improve the level of support for senior living providers across Utah, regardless of their size.

During my tenure with UALA, I had the honor of serving as Treasurer and President. These positions not only enabled me to contribute to our mission more directly but also deepened my understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the Utah senior living community.

I remain committed to enhancing the support network for senior living providers and leaders throughout Utah. It would be a privilege to bring my experience, insights, and dedication back to the UALA Board of Directors. I am eager to contribute further to our shared goals and to the continued strengthening of the senior living industry in our state.

Wade Vest

Sagewood at Daybreak/Kisco Senior Living

Senior Executive Director

Wade is one of the best Executive Directors I know,  he is a fantastic leader and everyone that knows him likes him and he is well know in the industry.

Wade has been in the senior living industry for the past 14 years.  He completed his AIT in St. George at Coral Desert Rehab in 2014 and maintains his Health Facility Administrator license to date.  His first position as an Executive Director was in Phoenix, AZ where he managed the operations of a skilled nursing, assisted living and memory care community with Sunrise Senior Living.  Wade worked with Sunrise for 6 years before moving to Las Vegas to open a new Assisted Living for Plum Healthcare.  For the past 6 years, Wade has been the Executive Director at Sagewood at Daybreak in South Jordan, UT.  He completed his Bachelor Degree at BYU and also completed his Masters Degree in Gerontology at the University of Utah.  He loves serving the residents of Sagewood and working with the team to make an impact.