UALA 2022 Board of Directors Nominees



Kristy Rehfeldt 

Vice President Assisted Livings
Rocky Mountain Care - Assisted Livings
15 years in Skilled Nursing Facilities.  5 years in Assisted Livings.  Very passionate about taking care of Seniors and helping them live better lives and the best care!

Diane Macheers

Vice President of Corporate Communications
The Ridge Senior Living
I want to help lead the charge on issues that impact senior living--especially Assisted Living. I have had a broad range of senior living experience gained in the largest Senior Living Marketing firm in the nation--Attane (formerly GlynnDevins) and as Vice President of Corporate Communications at The Ridge Senior Living. The Ridge has two communities in Utah, so driving issues important to these and other provider communities is a top priority for me. I have experience on Capitol Hill, the State House and with city councils--I've lobbied for senior living and other issues at all levels. My husband is a former state legislator which has given me insight on navigating the Capitol. I would be honored to serve alongside other senior living professionals and advance the causes that will positively impact the lives of seniors. 

Colton Jones

Resident Care Coordinator
The Abbington at Murray
I would like to nominate myself to become a UALA board member. I have been working in Assisted Livings for 5 years now. There is nothing that I love more than helping others around me and supporting a group that needs it most. I have been a care coordinator for 3 years now and have found a true passion for assisted living administration. My goal is to become an ED of a senior living in the future. Being a Board member would give me the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in any future role I may hold within the Assisted Living Community. It would be an honor to be apart of this association. Thanks. 

Coy Huskinson

Executive Director
Creekside Senior Living/Stellar Senior Living
I would like to nominate Coy for her outstanding ability to lead. She has shown a true compassion for her team and residents throughout the last 3 years as the executive director of Creekside. I have personally worked with Coy on a day to day basis and have enjoyed every minute of it. There is no one else that we would have as our fearless leader. 

Kelly Jensen

Executive Director
Capitol Hill Senior Living
I received my bachelors degree in chemistry, biology, and health promotion from Weber State University and went on to receive my MBA with an emphasis in healthcare administration at Western Governors University. I have worked in healthcare for 13 years and started in senior living several years ago as a sales director. During my time as a sales director, I fell in love with the industry because of the chance to serve the greatest generation. That love is the reason I chose a career in assisted living. My passion for improving the lives of seniors drove me to become an executive director, where I felt I could be more impactful on those around me. This desire to be more impactful was the reason I have loved serving on the UALA board for the last two years. It has been an amazing experience to serve and brush shoulders with so many heroes in the face of COVID-19, staffing crisis', and the every changing industry. I would be honored to serve a second term with this amazing UALA team. 

Bobby Ginn

Executive Director
The Ridge FoothillI
I have been an Executive Director of skilled nursing and assisted living over the last 12 years and enjoy being part of the solution to happy senior care. Helping seniors live their best life, making them smile and providing the best environment possible is what I enjoy the most. The last couple years has been great working on the UALA board and I would like to continue this service so I can help the industry here in Utah grow and fulfill the need of quality care. I feel that there is more work for me to do on this board and would love to continue helping solve issues that arise while brainstorming with other board members to continue the great service UALA provides to the communities here in the state.

Jason Giatras

Wasatch Senior Management
Jason has been known to be a dedicated and skilled professional in the industry. He would work hard to help advance the UALA’s goals. 

Rodney Washburn

Executive Director
Chancellor Gardens
Been on the board for many years and feel I have a lot to contribute. My goal is to make the assisted living industry better.

Greg Atwood

I Jesse Buntjer Nominate Greg Atwood to become a board member for the Utah Assisted Living Association . Greg has been a Nurse 29 Years and has been in Senior Living since 2007. Greg has spent time in Home Health and Hospice and 17 years supporting communities as a Director of Nursing. After being on the Board for the last year I feel it would be very helpful for our UALA members to have insight from a Nurses perspective and bring great knowledge to the Board. thank you for your consideration.

Rachel Jones


With over 20 years’ experience in Senior Living Rachel is a seasoned Healthcare professional that has brought positive change to the industry. Rachel started in the industry at age 16 working as a CNA. Her love and passion for taking care of others began at a young age. She was the oldest of five children with her youngest sister being severally handicapped. Growing up and caring for her sister began a deep passion in loving and caring for others. Rachel has served in many capacities as a leader in the senior living industry. Her goal is to provide an inspiring environment for her staff that brings love and joy to the residents we serve in our communities. She currently serves as a Board Member with the Utah Assisted Living Association. 

In addition to Rachel’s management experience, she is heavily involved in educating others in the Senior Living community and seeks to share her knowledge and experience as often as she can. Rachels favorite part of the Job is the face-to-face interaction she gets to have with her staff and residents. She finds great fulfillment in serving others. 

Outside of her professional career, Rachel can be found enjoying the mountains and outdoors with her husband and six children.